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Om Shanti Om 3GP Movie (62MB) 2007

OM SHANTI OM tells the story of Om (Shah Rukh Khan) and Shanti (Deepika Padukone). Om is a junior artist in the 70s. Shanti is the reigning superstar. He is her biggest fan. He is in love with her. Om dreams of being a superstar, but an incident changes his life forever. Om dies in a mishap, but is reborn into the present day. He attempts to discover the mystery of his demise…

What I liked about the film? Well, almost everything (Yes, I admit, I've sold my soul to SRK)! Which is 98.35 per cent of the film! The film is more a take off on the re-birth formula, than a tribute; but it does brilliantly. Farah Khan has made everyone act superbly (yes, including Arjun Rampal!). There are so many things to watch out for so I will just list a few highlights:

The cameos by almost the entire industry. The fantastic one-liners from '70s Bollywood; The comedy scenes throughout the movie! the digital effects ala Forrest Gump. Deepika Padukone. SRK playing a brash star brat. SRK's abs (of course!). The witty vision of the filmmaker.

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